Monday, September 9, 2013

My Labor Story. Part II

Just before going into the labor ward, the nurse asked if I need help with the pain. I just pandang dia, biar betul minah ni OF COURSE I need help!  So she gave me Ethonox. What it is:
Ethonox, or more commonly known as laughing gas is a gas that is used to give temporary pain relief during labour. It is a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. 
Ethonox is inhaled either through a mouth piece or a mask while the mother is having contractions. Ethonox eases the labour pains but does not take the pain away completely. You can have gas/air anytime you want in labour. All you need to do is bring the mask up to your face or put the mouthpiece between your lips and teeth. Keep it there as you breathe deeply and evenly. Continue to breathe deeply until you start to feel a little light headed and then take the mouthpiece/mask away from your face. It takes at least 30 seconds of breathing for ethonox to give you any benefit. Start breathing it in the second you feel a contraction start. If you wait till you are deep in contractions, the gas will take effect in between contractions. 
Ethonox has no side effects on the baby. It is also compatible with other drugs and there is no residual effect to hamper other methods of pain relief. [Source]

Let me tell you I was NOT laughing. Ethonox is such a scam, takde beza langsung! I might just have been inhaling pure oxygen because it had no effect on me whatsoever, I didn't even feel light headed or pening2! I guess it might work for some people, but not on me. It just made me angry.

Ok I have a confession to make. When I was pregnant, I decided I would have an all-natural childbirth. No drugs, no pain relief, nothing. Just childbirth the way nature intended it to be.

Yeah right Mawar.

Tak sampai berapa minit sampai hospital I was already asking the nurse for an Epidural. Yes I shamefully admit, I asked for an Epi. I have read about the risks, I read about how many women who get an Epidural end up delivering via C-sect, the back pain and headaches post-delivery, etc etc. Walaupun dah tabahkan diri sebelum labor untuk tak nak ambik apa2 pain relief pun, sepandai2 tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga. Ye saya lah tupai itu.

So the nurse told me, okay, kalau nak Epidural kene tunggu the anesthesiologist. He was busy at the moment, so they would have to page him to come and administer the drug. So I pun tunggu lah. Continue menahan sakit. They sat me down on a wheelchair and wheeled me into the labor room.

The labor room was big, and it was private. Not just anyone boleh masuk keluar, even my family members  nak masuk the midwives would check with me first whether I was comfortable to have them in. I really appreciated that. I didn't want just anyone, even family, to see me at my most vulnerable moments. The room had its own private toilet/bathroom, it was big and had a big tub macam jacuzzi untuk water birth. I did ask for a water birth but I was already too far into labor to have it. Oh well, next time maybe.

At first it was just me, Faiq and my MIL. My mum belum sampai hospital lagi masa tu. So it was the two of them who helped me through that stage of labor. The midwives recorded every contraction I had. Everytime a contraction hit me, I would put my arms around Faiq's shoulders and just let my body split into pieces (that's what it felt like anyway) and he would hold me up. Kadang2 tukar buat dekat my MIL pulak. This happened every 4 minutes, and soon every 3 minutes. It means that every 4 or 3 minutes I was asking the midwives can I please have the Epidural now?? The answer was always the same, that they have called the anesthesiologist and he would come as soon as he was done with another patient.

Masa tu tak baring atas katil pun. Berdiri atau berjalan je. I rasa macam baring lagi sakit and susah je. Ada two sofas at the side of the room so sometimes I used the sofas to sit/stand/squat in many awkward positons. I came to the hospital wearing a long sleeved shirt, but the midwives suggested I pakai short sleeve tshirt sebab senang nak cucuk ubat ke apa. I didn't bring a tshirt with me, so Faiq took off the one he was wearing and gave it to me to wear. Dia pakai jacket je. So throughout labor I wore a Marvel Avengers tshirt. Haha!

At around 6am ish my mum arrived and joined me in the labor room. I was so relieved to see her. I cried a little while I hugged her through one of my contractions. I kept telling her over and over that I'm sorry because it breaks my heart to know that she went through this pain for me, 26 years ago. This bone-shattering, body-splitting pain was the price she paid to have me, a price I will spend the rest of my life never being able to pay back.

Please appreciate your mums. No matter how crazy she might make you or no matter how you don't get along with her. Tolonglah. Hargai dan sayangi ibu anda, because nothing, absolutely nothing, can compare to the pain she went through for you, and yet she will choose to go through it a million times more if she had to, just to bring you to life.

I told Mak, I need that Epidural Mak. Kaklong tak tahan sangat2. She looked at me with a face that was trying not to look judgmental because she knew she had to be supportive of me, but I know her too well. She was totally judging me for asking for an Epi. Takpe ah biar la Mak nak fikir apa, janji this pain would go away. Tunggu lagi. Still no anesthesiologist.

Soon after that the midwives asked me to get on the bed. Bukan untuk baring. Kepala katil tu dinaikkan, so I was in a position where I was on my knees on the bed and holding on to the bar at the head of the bed. So pusing pandang dinding belakang katil. I don't know if you can imagine it or not. It felt weird at first but it really helped pushing during a contraction, in that position.

My water bag burst not long after that. What I felt after that was MORE intense pressure on my cervix (if that was even possible, after everything that I was already feeling down there). Rasa macam nak kene teran sangat dah. One of the midwives gently asked me, "Feel like you're ready to push yet, love?".

With one hand holding on to the bed bar, and the other on Faiq's reassuring hand, I begin to push.

(continued in Part III)


  1. We want to see Ayra's pictures!!! lol

  2. assalamualaikum yanggg. tergamam sheila baca. tabah betul awak. bestnyaaaa, continue lagi pleaseee. put ur baby pic too :D

  3. continue pls :)
    love to read ur experience

  4. plss continue with part III and a baby picture plsss..

  5. wah saspen nya cerita! can't wait for part 3!

  6. we want part 3! ^__^
    nervous baca ni walaupun baru 16weeks pregnant! :P


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