Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Labor Story. Part I

Sunday. 11 August 2013. 

It was a few days after Raya. 4th day of Syawal, actually. 2 days before my estimated due date. My in laws were in Melbourne to celebrate Raya with us, and also to see the baby. Only, the baby didn't seem to be in a rush to see anyone. My in laws were due to fly back to Malaysia tomorrow, yet still no baby... diorang redha kalau tak dapat jumpa yet, nak buat macam mana kan? Tapi still sedih la, tak dapat jumpa cucu lagi until tak tau bila they would be in Melbourne next.

At this point I was like, "Ahh sure overdue one, but at least I get to choose a date to be induced right?". So that day while Faiq brought his parents and brother to the city for some last minute shopping, I went out for a heavy lunch with my parents and grandparents. Siap makan steak kalau tak salah.

That night, Faiq slept early as usual, sebab dia kerja the next day. I went to sleep about 11pm, after watching Prison Break online. Haha. Time ni both Faiq and I were on Prison Break marathons, almost every night tengok a new episode. We both love that show no matter how many times we've watched it. 

Monday. 12 August 2013.

Anyway, around 1:00am I terbangun, sakit perut nak gi toilet. After that, went back to bed. About 10 or 15 minutes later, sakit perut lagi. Pergi toilet lagi. Geram je rasa, sebab baru 2 jam tidur. In my head I was like, "Mesti the food that I ate masa lunch, menyesal sangat. Kan dah cirit birit." Lepas 4 kali pergi balik toilet macam tu, the pain got a bit worse. Then baru terfikir, OMG contractions kot? Kejut Faiq.

"Yang. Sakit perut lah. Dah 4 kali gi toilet buang air besar."

Mata dia still tutup. "You makan apa tengah hari tadi?"

"Steak. But I don't think ni sakit perut food poisoning la.. I think I'm getting contractions."

Terus mata dia terbeliak. "You sure? Nak gi hospital now tak?"

"Tak tau lah. Sakit perut lain macam. Call hospital dulu lah, see what they say."

He called the hospital, they have a 24 hour maternal healthcare emergency line where you can ask anything at all about your pregnancy or labor. He told the nurse, I think my wife's in labor. She asked how many minutes apart and if it is my first pregnancy. He said they're about 10 - 11 minutes apart, and yes first baby. 

Nurse tu suruh relax dulu kat rumah (RELAX?! That is the worst advice to give a woman in labor!) because baru 10 minutes apart, first baby would take HOURS of labour, maybe 10 hours or more, try get some rest dulu, take a warm bath, walk around. Come to the hospital only when contractions are 4 minutes apart or less. He said ok, thank you, while I tried to imagine 10 hours of being in constant pain. 

I told Faiq that we should time the contractions. So I whipped out my phone and opened up the Baby Bump app (used this throughout my 9 months, I just love this app) where there is a contraction timer. I tried to go to sleep, because if I really am in labor I need to restore some energy for later. After closing my eyes for a few minutes, it became imminent that sleep would be impossible. The pain that hit me every few minutes was too great to ignore while asleep.

I told Faiq to sleep, but he wanted to keep me company while I timed the contractions. Setiap kali datang sakit, tekan screen phone. Habis sakit, tekan balik. Masa awal2 start timing, it was about 12 minutes apart and lasting for 1 and a half minutes. Very quickly it became 7 minutes apart. Then 6 minutes. Then pergi toilet lagi, baru realized that my underwear was a bit bloody. The mucus plug had come out (this is what is called the "bloody show", literally). Okayyyy, I definitely was gonna have this baby soon.

At one point, I felt sooo nauseous. Loya teramat sangat, cepat2 pergi toilet and muntah. I've never muntah like that in my life, man. Even masa pregnant tak muntah macam tu. It was alot and it was all over the toilet. My sweet, sweet, husband cleaned it all up after I was done, even though I know the smell and sight of it made him nak termuntah jugak. Lepas tu I sempat Google, 'is vomiting a sign of labor?'. Yes it is. (I Google almost everything just to give myself peace of mind)

All I felt was pain. Sakit. Sakit gila. The pain makes me want to rebah my whole body on the ground, but at the same time rasa macam nak buang air besar. I stood up and walked around the room. I leaned on the wardrobe. Baring. Duduk. Diri balik. No matter what position I was in, every time a contraction hit, the pain was intense and I could not even open my eyes while it came.

At 3:50am, the contractions were coming almost every 4 minutes. I told Faiq, I tak tahan dah, we got to go to the hospital NOW. Faiq was in panic mode, he tried to keep it together but he was so gelabah... putting my hospital bag in the car pun dia macam blurr gila. By this time his parents and brother pun dah bangun and anxious. Sempat ke tak nak jumpa cucu and niece ni? Padahal they had to be at the airport at 11:00am. I didn't plan what to wear to the hospital, I just wore what I wore to bed. Sarung tudung bibik je. Selalunya Faiq sangat menyampah when I wear that tudung but this time he didn't even blink. I got in the car, and my MIL pun ikut sekali.

We reached the hospital about 4:45am. Sampai2 the emergency department, we had to wait like 5 minutes for the triage nurse to attend to me. I got upset, because whaddehell its the emergency department kenapa takde orang dekat counter?? 5 minutes felt like 5 hours to me, because my contractions were so bad and so near. I had a hard time standing up. When the nurse finally showed up, I went in and she checked my blood pressure while contraction after contraction hit me. She made me lie down to check my dilation and effacement. I was 4cm dilated, and fully effaced.

After checking baby's heartbeat with the fetal monitor, I was soon wheeled into the labor room.

(continued in Part II)


  1. assalamualaikum. subhanallah. sayu baca entri ni... please sambung cepat ye mawar... sakit tapi satu kurniaan paling berharga menjadi seorang ibu bila tengok babynya :D

  2. Congratulations, Mawi! It's Mel Ng - Krystal Ng's sister. ((((: Can't believe you're already a momma! :'D

    Hello, Mini Mawi!!



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