Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm back!!

Ok, ok. I get the hint.

Assalamualaikum everyone!! There are a few differences since the last time I updated this blog, which are:
  1. I am now living in a different country/continent.
  2. My tummy (and baby) have grown in epic proportions.
  3. People are probably mad at/given up on me for not updating this blog for so long.
Sooooo many things have happened in the span of 2 months Mashallah. It has been a tough but still amazing journey so far, but I don't intend to update everything in one blog post.

Right now I tengah tunggu delivery man hantar katil kat rumah (selama ni tidur atas tilam atas lantai je, imagine mak buyong 7 bulan ni atas lantai...) so look out for another post later Inshallah. :)


  1. waalaikumusalam sayangggg! welcome back. i miss you, please kasi attach gambar mak buyung dengan tummy.... lonely gila i 2 bulan tk baca blog youuuu. hehehe alhamdullilah, hope you'll be fine there (^_______^)

  2. sakit wooohhh blkng tido lagu tuu...

  3. akhirnya! update lagi please!!


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