Monday, March 4, 2013

17 weeks, Mashallah

Hello sayang, that is you at 17 weeks! Mashallah how big you've grown. 

Perut you buncit macam perut Mummy laaaa hehehe... but that is my fault, because I have been eating everything in excess!

Your Abah is convinced that you're a girl, and I kind of think you might be a boy, but masa doctor nak scan haritu, you malu2 pulak tak nak bukak kaki. Pemalu rupanya. 

Well whichever gender you are, I'm so thankful and happy that you are growing healthily Alhamdulillah. (:

Oh by the way please don't move around so much you are giving me cramps, thanks! 


  1. hohoho.. excited kan.. prut tqah da besar gak..bulaatt..hihi

  2. assalamualaikum my dear mommy to be.. alhamdullilah syukur u and baby sihat. heee. take care my dear mawar. rindu nak chitchat dengan you ♥

  3. weeeeeee doesnt matter lah about your gender. membesar dengan baik tau!!


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