Friday, February 8, 2013

Comfortable shoes for Pregnancy

Sejak your Abah found out that I was pregnant with you, he straight away said to me, "No more wearing heels." Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :( I'm a short girl, I need my extra height! 

Tapi its true, heels are dangerous for pregnant women because you can trip and fall, and especially in the 1st trimester this is extra dangerous because you risk miscarriage and because your feet need to support the extra weight and take the strain off your back.

My mum told me to invest in a good pair. "Kalau sebelum ni asyik beli kasut tinggi2 yg mahal, boleh je beli satu kasut flats yg elok." Ok fine mak good point. So I went looking for a good pair of shoes. 

Your Abah suggested that I get Crocs because they are popular for being comfortable. Yeah tapi they are also popular for being UGLY! Haih. Mula2 memang tak nak Crocs. Tapi I just went into the kedai Crocs anyway. Tengok2. And memang ugly. Semua I tak suka.

But then. I tried on a pair, called Melbourne Rx. OMG sedaaaaaaaaaap macam rasa nak terbang ke angkasa dan kembali (I love that song by Diandra Arjunaidi btw). Tapi memang buruk. Dan mahal. It's RM249. Tapi sedap sangat2, I tried a few other pairs and they didn't feel as great as the Melbourne Rx. What's good about it is that the upper cover is stretchable so nanti later on in the pregnancy if my feet swell, Inshallah they will still fit.

I needed kasut yang boleh pakai casual, but also a pair which I could wear to work. I don't have enough money to buy two different pairs (one casual and one work) but I think I can get away with wearing the Melbourne Rx to work. It's black, and it's close-toed so nak masuk Court pun boleh kot. 

So I beli je la. I am now RM249 poorer but whatever it takes for you, my baby sayang. If I need to get short and comfortable and ugly for your safety, so be it.

If you guys wanna know more about the shoe I got, here it is:

  • Enhanced arch support.
  • Take from home to work to play in comfort and style.
  • Stretchy textile upper offers roomy expandable forefoot.
  • Croslite AG+™ material insole for shock absorption.
  • Heel cup is designed to cradle the heel for better support.
  • Reduced footbed nubs lessen chance of irritation.
  • Non-marking Croslite™ material outsole.
  • Easy to clean and odor-resistant.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Masalah Berdengkur!

Ok I have a confession. I am a snorer. Tak sah kalau tidur, tak kisah la malam ke siang ke... mesti berdengkur. I warned your Abah before we got married that I snore when I sleep, just to prepare him for it... but I don't think he prepared for how loud I actually am!

Masa awal2 kahwin (eh actually skarang still awal pun) he couldn't sleep at night. Kesian sangat. He would bangun and suruh I tukar position tidur, or put a pillow on my face. I felt so bad that I even went to the doctor to ask what I could do to stop snoring. Doctor tu kata, my tonsils are big. So unless I have surgery to remove my tonsils, memang I akan sentiasa berdungkur time tidur.

Alhamdulillah slowly your Abah got used to me sounding like a jackhammer at night. But now that I'm pregnant, I'm louder than ever!! I've read before that snoring becomes a thing during pregnancy. It's because of the hormones and increased levels of estrogen in the body. These hormones can cause swelling and puffiness in body tissues, including the nasal passages and throat. ALSO, it is likely because of weight gain. Which is normal part of pregnancy.

Rasa bersalah sangat dengan your Abah, but what to do? You're growing so fast in my tummy sayang, you're only 13 weeks but Ya Allah I look almost 20 weeks. Cuba chill skit please, your Abah and I need our sleep. (:

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