Monday, December 10, 2012

Honeymoon Part II - Manchester/Barcelona

Read about Part I of our honeymoon here.

The day we got back from Melbourne, was the day we flew off to London! Kira macam stop-over yang slightly panjang.. haha. I don't know how we survived it, though! Penat gila2! We flew from Melbourne - KL in the morning, then KL-Doha-London that night. From one end of the world to the other!

When we arrived at London Heathrow, we took a train a few hours later to Manchester. The reason we had to go to Manchester, is because your Abah wanted to go to Old Trafford Stadium. Home of Manchester United (blerghhh benci). Tapi sebab I sayang your Abah punya pasal, I ikut la like the obedient wife I am. lol

We arrived at Manchester Piccadilly train station at night. Tanya2 the orang kat situ, they said the easiest way to get to Old Trafford is by tram. Our hotel is about 200 meters je from the stadium, so if we got to the stadium we would know how to get to the hotel. So we took the tram.

By the time we arrived at Old Trafford tram stop, it was about 9:30pm. It was dark and very, very silent. And very cold. Dengan tak tau arah tuju ke mana, we started walking and dragging our two huge bags. Bunyi bag tu bising, tayar dia bergolek atas jalan tar. Because it was so quiet, the sound of our bags was really loud. 

Tipu la cakap kalau time tu tak takut dan cuak. Takut gila. Siap baca ayat qursi semua. Takut orang tiba2 datang out of nowhere and rob us, dahlah kita tourist kan, and we had ALL our belongings and cash with us, sebab baru sampai.

Then suddenly in front of us, we saw the Old Trafford stadium. Abah you dalam tengah takut2 tu boleh sempat nak ambik2 gambar dalam gelap dan sejuk. Nearby was our hotel. Premier Inn Old Trafford. We LOVED this hotel, definitely recommending it to everyone!

The hotel we stayed in: Premier Inn Old Trafford

This is how close the hotel is from the stadium!

The next day we went on a tour of the Old Trafford stadium. Sebagai peminat setia Arsenal, rasa macam mencemar duli plak masuk enemy territory ni. Tapi Abah you sangat2 teruju and excited, I loved seeing him act like a little boy... so I tagged along. Nasib baik I had a coupon for buy 1 free 1 entrance hehehe.

Old Trafford stadium tour

Old Trafford stadium tour
Old Trafford stadium tour

We stayed 2 nights in Manchester, then took a train back to London. But I won't cerita about London yet, because selang sehari after that we flew to Barcelona pulak! We took a budget airline called Ryan Air (sangat2 budget, sampai free seating) and spent one night in Barcelona.. in THE MOST HORRIBLE APARTMENT IN THE WORLD UGHHH. 

It's so horrible that I won't even bother to show you the pictures. But let me just say, there was a very big mirror above the bed, stuck to the ceiling! It's creepy!! Plus toilet dia dah la kecik, tapi ada DUA jamban. One for men and one for ladies, possibly.

Barcelona had its ups and downs for us. On the first day, we realized that the language barrier was going to be a tough one. Not many of the locals speak english, and even if they do, we couldn't understand them or they could not understand us. We also almost got scammed on the first day! A man pretending to be a police officer told us to show him our wallets. He took out the money, duit Pound Sterling je ada (I had all our Euro money in a pouch which I wore under my shirt) pastu dia macam marah, tanya mana duit yang lain. Nasib baik he gave us back the wallet and told us to keep on walking. Then we turned around, he disappeared. Like he had run away. That really killed our mood that day.

But the next day was great Alhamdulillah. We went on a tour of Barcelona. We bought a tourist bus ticket that we could hop on and off at all the major attractions around Barcelona. Oh look pictuuuuuuuuures:

The bus we took, and the stop signs we could jump on and off.

The bus. And us being vain and lovey dovey lol

L'AquĆ rium de Barcelona 
Camp Nou, home of Barcelona FC
Park Guell, one of Antoni Gaudi's creations
Antoni Gaudi's best and still unfinished work, La Sagrada Familia

I think that was all our highlights of Manchester and Barcelona. Will talk about our time in London in the next post! :)


  1. Assalamualaikum. masyallah msti best gila honeymoon kat sana. lucky both of u! hehehe. sweet je tengok u guys and for sure u're hubby nampak sgt seronok dapat masuk stadium MU :p


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