Friday, November 16, 2012

Review: Reception Dress

To me, my reception dress was as simple as it can get.. I didn't want something that was too dressy yet I wanted something elegant and timeless. And I was hoping that I can wear it again someday (dengan harapan tidak gemuk lepas ni haha) so it shouldn't be something too heavy or too colorful.

We bought the material at Jakel back in April. One thing we should have done though, was get a design first before buying the material. Guess we kinda worked backwards? The fabric that we bought was Italian Crepe, and I bought about 0.3 meters of french lace.

I sent the material for design and tailoring quite lambat jugak... I think about 5 weeks before the wedding. I was so glad to just be able to find a tailor that I liked, and also who would make my dress on such short notice. 

The designer was kak Shifa, she's very patient and nice. She sketched out the dress for me according to my specifications and my liking and recommended certain things which she thought was practical for me to do/not do. Then masa pergi balik untuk fitting, she made sure everything fit well and did a re-measurement.

My dress looks like one piece kan? It's actually a two-piece outfit. :) Kain lebih, dijadikan veil dan shawl. The french lace tu wasn't enough for the whole front part of the veil so they did a bit of beading, which turned out very simple and sweet.

I have to say, the dress is made with very good workmanship. The patching is good and the beading is looks delicate yet is actually done pretty well. Harga pulak, really depends on the design and the material needed for the particular design. Drop by MixModa for a consultation.

MixModa Boutique Shah Alam
Facebook: MixModa Boutique
Telephone: 03-55116200
Address: 18, Jalan Plumbum P7/P, Section 7, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor 
(Same row as restoran Wong Solo)


  1. Assalamualaikum Puan Mawar!
    u look so beautifull! i suka gila design tu! nasib baik i jenis old skool, so pakai dress + kebaya pendek je utk my wedding. hihihi

    *rasa rugi tak dapat jumpa you!

  2. eh,i think i know k.shifa tu.she's my senior..
    sgt teliti workmanship dia n cermat org ny :)

  3. salam..cantik giler wedding dress u..mahal x designer charge? dalam range harga berapa if u dont mind nk kongsi..i B2B insyaAllah end of dis tengah risik2 harga untuk plan bajet :)

    do follow my blog

    1. waalaikumussalam dear, thank you for the compliment :)
      alhamdulillah tak la mahal sgt compared to tempat lain, sbb i had my own kain i bayar dlm 1k ++ je. good luck!


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