Saturday, November 10, 2012

Honeymoon Part I - Melbourne

Hello and Salaam! I'm feeling less depressed today about not being pregnant (dramatic tak? mengada gila) so let's talk about my honeymoon! :D

We went to a few places for our honeymoon. Macam mini world tour pulak rasanya.. haha. The route was something like KL - Melbourne - KL - London - Manchester - London - Barcelona - London omg nak type pun penat. 

First leg of the honeymoon, we went to Melbourne to visit my family. We will be migrating there Inshallah by early next year, so this time around I brought your Abah to meet my family there (he's never met them before) and to just get a feel of the place, coz he's never been to Australia.

I think he fell in love with the place, Alhamdulillah. I know he was nervous about fitting in with the family and about the environment there but I'm so thankful that he loves the family and he loves the place, and he can't wait to move there too. :)

The first few days we spent in Fawkner with my auntie and cousins, and it's easier to get to the city by train. We love Melbourne city! We went everywhere by train/tram, it was so convenient.

We also went to Gumbaya Park, where you get to see and hang out with the animals. Cantik sangat tempat tu!

 BUT the main reason we went to Melbourne.. is to see this little cutie! My cousin's baby Safiyya. :D


My other cousin Fairuz also had twin babies!! Takde gambar diorang yg elok pulak... but Fairuz ni, sangat creative. As our wedding present, she and her sister put together macam an "Amazing Race" thing for us.. and she called it the "The Amazing Date"! We had to go around Melbourne city, figuring out the clues in the envelopes and solving the puzzles... it was so fun! 

One of the envelopes containing a clue

The first part of the date was a chocolate tour, best gilerrrr! The tour guide brought us around the nearby chocolatiers like Haigh's, Lindt, Koko Black and Chocolait for chocolate tasting. We tasted chocolates, macarons, ice cream.. ahhh heaven sangat!

Another highlight of the Amazing Date was a trip up the Eureka Skydeck. It's the tallest residential tower in the world and is 88 floors high. Sapa yang gayat, tak perlu datang ye. The lift nak naik from ground floor to the 88th floor pun took 38 seconds je!! Laju gila pls.

On the Eureka Skydeck, you can see a 360 degree view of Melbourne. It's so cantik, Mashallah. We went there just before sunset, so we saw the view before, during and after sunset. It was very romantic. :) 

There was this other attraction on the skydeck, it's called The Edge. They put you into this glass box,  all the walls are glass, even the floor is glass... pastu at first the glass was tinted. So tak nampak apa2 outside. After the box tu dah projected out of the building, ada bunyi macam kaca pecah and BAM! the whole box becomes transparent and you can see the ground below! Gayat weyhhhh...

Besides all the above we just walked around the city, enjoying the weather, shopping sikit2... mostly just spending time with my family. So that was all for the first leg of our honeymoon, next stop - Manchester! :)


  1. wowwwwwww honeymoon yang sangat panjang

    1. nampak mcm panjang tapi rasa pendek gila :(

  2. Assalamualaikum.
    masyallah, it was so wonderfull.
    so u guy enjoyed the honeymoon trip?
    hee Maway, u look beautifull beside ur beloved :)
    cant to read next preview..

    1. waalaikumussalam,

      yes sheila kitorang enjoy sangat2! rasa mcm kejap je.. nak pergi lagi!! Inshallah i'll update again soon. :) thanks for always reading my blog yg entah apa2 ni.

    2. hihi. love so much your reading! hihii gila best and cool jalan oversea. hehehhee

  3. "The Amazing Date" sounds wonderful!!! Lucky you :)

    1. it was, Nina! rajin sgt cousin2 i!

  4. mawar, sy nampak awk sgt kurus!

  5. so niceeeee!!!! honeymoon banyak tempat memang memenatkan but surely sangat best!

    1. sangat best dan sangat worth it! :) might never go again kan, so alang2 dah nak travel, pergi merata!


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