Monday, October 1, 2012

First Week as Husband & Wife

Mashallah, it's been 10 days now since we've been married... and the only word I can describe it is,  blissful. (: I have enjoyed every single minute of being married to your Abah so far, Alhamdulillah. He's been very kind, caring and gentle with me. 

So the first week of marriage was spent adjusting. Adjusting to our daily routines and habits. I moved into Abah's parents' house and so far it's been good, his parents have been very accommodating with me Alhamdulillah. 

Here are some of the things we did in our first week as husband and wife:

Lobster dinner, courtesy of Ida & Abang Faisal
2 nights at a swanky hotel. Breakfast was yummeyh!
Watched Liverpool v Man Utd and Man City v Arsenal
Shopping in Ikea.
"Yang look! I need this for your snoring!" 
Short roadtrip to Seremban
Attended best friend's wedding

Also, yesterday, your Abah bawak I naik motor for the first time!!! Dia tak puas hati dengar I tak pernah naik motor, so he made me jump on the bike and took a cruise around the neighbourhood. SCARY OKAY! Mula2 takut gila, so tutup mata and peluk kuat2. haha.. lama2 dah biasa, hmm macam best pun ada. EXCEPT the part when he sengaja emergency break grrrrrrrrrr tu scary!!

Other things we did:
  • Open a joint bank account (I felt so adult-ish)
  • Argue about who gets which side of the wardrobe
  • Cubaan untuk sorok jersey Man Utd dia tetapi gagal
  • Him sending me to work in the morning and picking me up (I love this!)
  • Go back to my parents' house for the weekend

Marriage is truly a blessing and a gift. Can't wait for our honeymoon in 13 days! (: 


  1. Seronok kan?!! wah, excited. tibe2 rindu husband!

    1. seriously seronok. kalau i tau, umur 14 i dah kahwin. hahaha

  2. berdua lebih baik!

    hehe..kelakar part naik motor tu ;)

    1. yes berdua bila dah halal paling best. hehe

  3. Assalamualaikum Puan Mawar!
    best kan dapat spending time...
    ngeee so comel lah naik motor berdua!
    nasib baik i dgn suami sama2 fans of liverpool.

    1. Waalaikumussalam Puan Sheila! Sangat best. Tak nak lepas. Dia pergi kerja awal pun rasa mcm nak tarik muka sbb dia tinggalkan mawar walaupun setengah jam. haha so mengada..

    2. loving each others! i lagi kelakar, pergi balik kerja pun suami amik. still missed him. hee dunia lepas kawin lebih indah. love this moment :)

  4. This is the life, hold on tight!! *tiba2 sangat i nyanyi lagu Hannah Montana kan*

    Wish you every happiness in the world! <3 and semoga dimurahkan rezeki dan hidup dilimpahi rahmah, aminn!

    1. that song sgt sesuai! this is DEFINITELY the life. :))

      ameeen ya rabbalalameen. thank you dear!

  5. Replies
    1. thank you zila! :) btw are u working in AAX?

  6. hohoho i can see your seri pengantin!

  7. alololo...comel. hehe. =) have a blissful marriage ok?


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