Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Official Videographer

Assalamualaikum! I'm in Melbourne on my honeymoon part I (yes ada part I and II hehehe) so I'll make this short and sweet (nanti2 I update about our honeymoon Inshallah!).

For both my nikah and reception, I had BokehBokeh Videography shoot my wedding videos. They're actually made up of a husband and wife team, which I find so cute Mashallah. They were very punctual, professional and patient - the 3 P's which I find most important when you have a business in services.

The video pun turned out sweet and simple, just absolutely how I love it. :) I'm so in love with the video... I keep watching it over and over and each time I watch it I feel like getting married all over again. hehehe..

I absolutely recommend them. Their rates are very affordable Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless their rezeki. Do note that they insist on taking on clients who wear tudung only. DO HIRE THEM! Just tell them Mawar sent you. ;)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: Baju Nikah

The last time I cerita pasal baju nikah was in this post. My nikah attire tak hebat mana pun, bukan designer, pastu cost dia sangatlah murah sampai I malu nak beritau.. haha. Anyway. Let me tell you guys a bit about how I put together the outfit.


As you may remember from my previous post I found my nikah veil last minute, in a kedai in Subang Parade called Maisonette on the LG floor. Dekat2 dengan Chatime. This veil is the most expensive part of my outfit.. tapi my mother sponsor Alhamdulillah. Not gonna say how much! The veil is chiffon, and it's simple, but I love everything simple. (:

My very simple veil. :)

Ok ladies, this is the most important part... for me lah. Baju cantik macam mana pun, but if your tudung style does not go well with your face, atau nampak awkward sebab terlalu stylo atau tak biasa pakai, it will show. You will look uncomfortable, less confident and super awkward. So, go with a style that (1) suits your face and (2) not too overdone.

Macam I, muka bulatnyaaa ya Allah so I had to wear something that frames my face a bit and makes my face look smaller. Style2 yang macam tudung syria yang melekap kat muka tu, memang out for me. Muka rupa macam pinggan.

So what I wore was a tudung bawal yang pendek, which I bought from this online shop. Banyak sangat colours to choose! Rupa tudung bawal tu macam ni:

After tudung bawal tu, I wore a normal selendang yang lilit tu. White, chiffon. Jojet pun boleh. Just lilit2 bagi kemas, then the veil goes on top. Shawl yang macam ni lebih kurang:

So bila dah pakai semua, it looks like this (maafkan muka buruk omg such bad pics tapi nak tunjuk tudung punya pasal):

Satu je I wish I could change, my anak tudung tu should have been white. Hmm. Oh well.

Baju kurung

I opted for a baju kurung modern (jenis yang zip kat belakang) with the sleeves and the bottom part of the baju in scallops. Actually the inner part of the sleeves ada mock buttons but tak nampak in any of the pics! 

My mum's over-excited face. My dad not impressed. haha..

Both of us (Faiq and I) bought the material at one of the shops along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, KL. We bought it even before we got engaged. Sebab time tu we were heading to Semua House, cari cincin untuk tunang. Alang2 jumpa kain cantik dah murah, beli terus.

I tak ingat dah kedai yang mana satu exactly, tapi kedai tu tak popular sangat lah. Rezeki dia, dan rezeki kitorang dapat kain kat situ. Sepasang (4 meter) untuk lelaki dan perempuan, including the lace, jumlah semua less than RM200.

Then kitorang hantar material tu dekat a tailor in Bandar Sri Damansara, nama tailor to Mrs Wong. Her number (if you're interested) is 03-62728996. If nak tempah baju raya ke apa, sila la call buat appointment cepat2 because by April dia dah tutup semua tempahan! Pssstt... the tailoring for my outfit cost RM100. Hehehe

p/s: i tak plan pun nak sewakan apa2, but if you really2 nak, just contact me and we'll work something out. :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sama-sama gelak, sama-sama sakit.

The thing about sharing a bed with your other half is, bila sorang sakit, almost guarantee lagi sorang tu akan jangkit. This is my 2nd day of MC and today, Faiq pulak dapat MC sebab dah start demam. Nak tidur asing-asing pulak tak sanggup... rindu (ei mengada kan). Like they say, "In sickness and in health". :)

Will be writing another review when we're both fully recovered, Inshallah. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Worldless Wednesday #7

Cara-cara menjadi pengantin yang senonoh.

Monday, October 1, 2012

First Week as Husband & Wife

Mashallah, it's been 10 days now since we've been married... and the only word I can describe it is,  blissful. (: I have enjoyed every single minute of being married to your Abah so far, Alhamdulillah. He's been very kind, caring and gentle with me. 

So the first week of marriage was spent adjusting. Adjusting to our daily routines and habits. I moved into Abah's parents' house and so far it's been good, his parents have been very accommodating with me Alhamdulillah. 

Here are some of the things we did in our first week as husband and wife:

Lobster dinner, courtesy of Ida & Abang Faisal
2 nights at a swanky hotel. Breakfast was yummeyh!
Watched Liverpool v Man Utd and Man City v Arsenal
Shopping in Ikea.
"Yang look! I need this for your snoring!" 
Short roadtrip to Seremban
Attended best friend's wedding

Also, yesterday, your Abah bawak I naik motor for the first time!!! Dia tak puas hati dengar I tak pernah naik motor, so he made me jump on the bike and took a cruise around the neighbourhood. SCARY OKAY! Mula2 takut gila, so tutup mata and peluk kuat2. haha.. lama2 dah biasa, hmm macam best pun ada. EXCEPT the part when he sengaja emergency break grrrrrrrrrr tu scary!!

Other things we did:
  • Open a joint bank account (I felt so adult-ish)
  • Argue about who gets which side of the wardrobe
  • Cubaan untuk sorok jersey Man Utd dia tetapi gagal
  • Him sending me to work in the morning and picking me up (I love this!)
  • Go back to my parents' house for the weekend

Marriage is truly a blessing and a gift. Can't wait for our honeymoon in 13 days! (: 

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