Monday, September 10, 2012

Random Fact #6

Dear kids, I adore your Abah but I just found out how vastly different our tastes are! Yesterday, his parents bought new furniture for us for when I move in with him. The bed came in a package, which included a mattress, 4 pillows, a dresser table, a wardrobe and bedside tables. Pretty good deal Alhamdulillah. 

I sendiri belum tengok what the bed looks like sebab your Abah refuses to take pics of them and show me, dia nak "surprise" konon. So anyway, we went shopping for bed sheets at Ikea. That was the first time when I realized, okay, we are going to need alot of compromise in the future..

Semua yang I suka, dia tak suka. Semua yang dia suka, I pulak tak suka. So the random fact which I'm telling you about is, his taste is weird! Well, to me la. haha.

I liked all of these:

Tapi dia tak suka! :(

He likes these:

Tapi I tak suka!!!

So after masam2 muka kejap, we settle on something we both were okay with. His favourite colour is red, and I like it coz the combination of colours can really brighten up a room. It was on sale jugak, which made me really happy because we thought it was like RM179 for the set tapi lepas bayar tengok receipt balik it was actually RM99 je for the set! :))

See how the colours make a difference to a boring room? :)

Can't wait to go furniture shopping with him again. It requires a lot of patience (something I don't have much of) but it also makes me appreciate him more for being able to tolerate me. :) 12 days to go!


  1. Assalamualaikum!
    corak yang awak suka, kita pun berkenan.
    nampak sangat taste lelaki dgn perempuan sgt kritikal. hee. takpe, ur final sgt cute. menarik. tengah sales ke Ikea skrg? kita mmg bercadang nak beli sheet baru pun

    1. Ada bnyk bende on sale kat ikea! Cepat pergi! Hehe

  2. pilih cadar pun smpi masam2 muka ye. hehehe...comel je!


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