Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Bachelorette Dinner!

Yesterday I was having one of the worst days ever. Gaduh with your Abah, plus stress tahap dewa with work, everything just seemed to go so wrong! Then your Abah tricked me into going to TGI Fridays with him after work. Nak make up for it la konon, so he wanted to treat me to a nice dinner katanya...

So, after I dah marah marah marah pergi je la ikut dia... when I entered the restaurant, the waitress brought us to the eeeennndddd macam hujung dunia ceruk jin bertendang, where suddenly one by one I saw my friends! Before they screamed "surprise!" I dah scream dulu, "OMG my friends are heeere!!" haha.

Rupanya your Abah was in the plan all along. He has to exercise SO much patience with me the whole day just to make sure I actually followed him.. and the girls were so sweet to surprise me too! But I wish they had told me so that I tak lah datang terus dari office muka berminyak kan, at least sempat la I makeup ke apa grrrrrrrr. hehe.. 

My 'surprised' look. haha
The table was decorated with rose petals (duh), a poster that showed it was my bridal shower, some naughty photos in picture frames (which I will not post here, you kids are too young to read the captions) and a collage of my pictures. All pics after this are courtesy of Dy!

Don't make me show what was in the box....

We played some really fun (and naughty!) games. There was a group of drunk white guys at the bar but they were not as loud as us! Nakal sangat2 kawan I ni, skarang baru tau... tak leh bawak dekat you kids ok. lol

Thank you SO much to all my sayangs for taking time off their busy schedules to plan this for me... I know it's a super busy month, and weekdays orang datang dari offices jauh-jauh dalam jam semua... seriously thank you sangat-sangat <3 

The girls! :)


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