Saturday, June 16, 2012


Your Abah is going through a bit of a rough patch right now.. and while we're still unmarried at the moment, there is little that I can do for him. I feel so helpless, because I know how scared and worried he must be feeling but I can't even be there next to him when he needs someone the most. 

 I can only offer my prayers right now, which I do for him anyway, everyday. I told you Abah that this is Allah's test to not only us, but our families as well. Inshallah he will be fine and we'll get over this and can concentrate on our wedding plans again. But for now I just want him to be better. :(


  1. hye dear i think this situation is quite common.. it happened to my hubby too before we got married... my advice, always be by his side n support him.. ;)

  2. Mawar, i pray the best for Faiq's health.. He is a good guy, and inshaallah, everything will be alright.

    All the best to both of you..

    The Coolest HeadHunter

  3. awak. be patient. dugaan dan cabaran ni ada baiknya utk kita semua :) saya da tag awak kat blog saya :
    jemput jenguk ya :)

  4. Hai Mawar, just checking up on you. how's everything? ok ke? :) hope evrything is foinee!


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