Friday, May 4, 2012

Wedding Shoes?

So if you remember from this post, I posted a teaser photo of what my wedding shoes might be... tapi rasa macam dah tak teaser dah since I posted the full pic anyway hahaha. Whatever, I like sharing my happiness. :) TAPI I'm not 100% sure yet whether I'll be wearing them for the wedding.. maybe just for nikah? Coz they won't match with my champagne-colored reception dress kan? Hmm. Entahlah. What do you think, should I get another pair?

If you're also looking for white shoes like this untuk nikah or even reception, I found one under RM100! It's from Zalora, and it's free shipping too which is great (no I'm not paid to promote Zalora I just want to share. hehe). Beli cepat!

RM99.90 from Nose


  1. *melting* cantik gila kasut ni.i jeles sebab kasut i tak macam ni hihi jk.tapi nice la the 1st one tu :)

  2. Sebelum beli lain pikir dulu nak pakai ker tak kasut tu lepas majlis nanti?kalau tak membazir jer..:p hihihi kalau lain sikit warnanya tak apa, fesyen statement!:)

  3. FYI i have a friend who works in Zalora. hehe :)

  4. hi mawar,congrats on your pregnancy! anyway,i am totally in love with your wedding shoe and just wondering..dont you intend to buy more pairs from melbourne and sell it here? cause i'll gladly be your first customer!

    1. thanks dear! :) i don't intend to sell, but if u nak kirim im sure we can work something out. just browse the websites and let me know which one!

    2. may i know which website? cause i certainly want one! hehe


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