Monday, May 7, 2012

Photographer, booked!

So after months of indeciveness about our photographer, your Abah and I finally decided and met up with a photographer we both really like. We're deciding to hire Hafizudin Hamdan, Inshallah. :)

Before this, we short-listed a few photographers and in the end ingatkan nak guna this one photographer... tapi tak tau kenapa, rasa berat sangat2 nak bayar the deposit... asyik tertangguh, and in the end macam tawar hati je. They're really talented and good customer service jugak, tapi tak tau kenapa I kept putting it off.

Sangat betul that kita hanya boleh merancang tapi Allah yang tentukan, sebab last Friday, I teringat that dulu I pernah hantar an e-mail to Hafiz to inquire whether he was free on the 1st of Sept (masa tu date lain) but he wasn't free. So now that my dates have changed, I asked him again, and Alhamdulillah he was free for the 22nd!

I sent to your Abah a link to the website and he loved it too. I asked Hafiz if he would be free to meet up and he said mmg that day he would be in Subang. Such a coincidence, Mashallah! So after work your Abah and I went to go meet up with him to discuss things and now we've paid the deposit so yay! We got ourselves a photog! :)

No I'm not paid to promote Hafiz (dpt rates kurang pun tak ok. hahaha) but I genuinely like his work, he has such an eye for detail and perspective... so here are some of his art:

Cantik, kan? :) For more eyecandy and to contact him, check out his website here and/or his facebook here. Just tell him Mawar sent you. ;)


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