Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nak muka berseri?

Lately, alot of people (and I'm not kidding about alot) have commented that I look "glowing" lah, muka "seri pengantin" lah, muka "smooth" la... Alhamdulillah. I'll tell you what I use for my face, because I like sharing about things what make me happy so in turn I can make someone else happy as well.

I started using Proactiv again. Dulu masa sekolah menengah, Ya Allah muka macam pizza ok... I always had acne problems, no matter what I did pimple suka sangat make my face its permanent dwelling spot. Memang it affected my self confidence. 

So once day mak suruh cuba try (dah cuba, perlu try pulak kan) guna Proactiv. And my face cleared up, no kidding. Memang bila tengok harga dia untuk sekali bayar mak aiiii sakit jugak lah, but I swear by this stuff, it works on me, Alhamdulillah it's a miracle and I love it. Ni dah lagi 4 bulan nak kahwin, start guna balik sebab nak serikan muka... and it's working! Even after 3, 4 hari pakai nampak sangat beza :D

RM199.90 for a set of 3, with free refining mask

Tu dia. RM199.90 untuk three bottles of magic. It's supposed to last for 60 days so actually you pay RM100 for one week punya supply, kira reasonable la kan untuk muka cantik? 

I don't have the budget to beli products like SKII etc but for me, this stuff is amazing, Mashallah. It's a really good alternative and reasonable as well.

Why don't you guys try and let me know how it feels after 5 days. :)

p/s: Saya tak jual ok! Kalau nak beli, boleh beli from the website here atau any of the authorized re-sellers here. UiTM pun ada jual rupanya! I just knew. hehehe.

5 weeks after wearing Proactiv again :)


  1. dekat watson, guardian xdek ke? hihihi.

    1. kat pahang ada ni je yang:

      Berjaya Mega Mall(SINMA)

      Giant Hypermarket Kuantan (SINMA)

      Genting First World Plaza (SINMA)

      CYS Mini Market

      Tun Ismail, Complete Wellness Pharmacy

      Aneka Samudera

  2. ajaib betul. serius muka u nampak glowing and that so sweet! heee takyah make up pun manis dahhh


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