Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Weekend, in Pictures

Last weekend your Abah and Uncle Fiqi came over to the house to join us for a barbecue. Your Grandma grilled her special leg of lamb... ya Allah seriously sedap gila. She called the two boys out to help make the fire on the barbecue pit, so they changed clothes sebab kalau tak nanti baju bau macam asap kan. I berjaya buat Uncle Fiqi you pakai baju Arsenal, yesssss!!! Hehehe...

I also baked Red Velvet cupcakes that day, maybe I'll post the recipe and tutorial later. :)

Muka confident at first, ingatkan guna lighter je boleh terus ada api.

Cuba punya cuba, api tak nyala2.

Your Grandma, mengajar cara menyalakan api macam pro.

Whoah. Garang tak nenek you.


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