Monday, April 23, 2012

Random Fact #5

One thing you should know about your mum, kids, is that I am a hardcore Arsenal FC supporter. Proud when we win, fiercely loyal when we lose. Yes your cool mother is a Gooner. COYG!!

Before this, I always promised myself that I will never ever ever date (much less marry) a Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspurs fan. Mesti kutuk kaw2 punya dua team ni.

Tapi kan... Tuhan tu kaya. Allah is indeed great, and He has a funny sense of humour as well. Looks like He planned all along for me to marry the one kind of person I always told myself I would never even consider. Because your Abah, is unfortunately a Manchester United fan.

The morals of the story here are, children... that the one thing you hate is the one thing you will one day love, and that your soulmate is indeed in the hands of Allah. No matter how we plan, He determines everything. I didn't see this before, I always wanted a hand in my own destiny.. but now I understand very much why we should just leave it to Allah to find us our jodoh, because He will give it to us when we're ready Inshallah. :)

But I have to admit, its kinda fun though that the both of us are supporting different teams. Tapi kadang-kadang tu ada jugak gaduh about bola la.. I kutuk team dia, dia marah, dia kutuk team I, I meletup. hehehe... but it keeps things interesting so I guess I rather not have it any other way!

TAPI kan, TAPI... you kids will be Gooners just like your mum. Keluar2 perut je the first thing you will wear is an Arsenal jersey. Or Arsenal diapers (ada jual tak? nanti Mak cari ye). Your first words will be "Thierry Henry". This is non-negotiable. Syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu ye jangan lupa! ;)


  1. i've said this on various occasion, syurga isteri di tangan suami. i refer to Appendix A : tips on marriage in Islam. kids if u want to feel the adrenaline thrill of supporting an awesome team, come to daddy :)

  2. FYI. COYG is cayunk hahahahaha

  3. and your very first word will be "i love Man Utd like Daddy loves it" hahahahaha


  4. OMG!!!!!

    you'll never walk alone!!!

    i dengan partner mmg fan ARSENAL!!! last 2 night ( ke last night, ok lupe, abaikan ) was boring , seri kot dengan chelshit. OMG! High Five!!

    1. eh apesal plak terkeluar motto liverpool? hahaha HIGH FIVE BABE!! hot girls love Arsenal!!

  5. sorry but u have to admit, if we have a daughter, she'll be closer to me like u and your dad. hahaha *evilplan


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