Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Random Fact #4

Something new I just found out about your Abah. He has a bantal busuk which he's had for the past five years yang dia curik from his housemate during his university days, but he lost it two nights ago, so dah tak boleh tidur. Kesian gila. Tapi macam drama queen pun ada!

So if you grow up to be a drama queen darling, you didn't inherit that from me. ;)

Last night

I predict a very cranky Abah for a few more nights to come... oh well. Tolonglah bagi balik bantal biru busuk dia tu. The drama is too much


  1. ala its my fav pillow okay. nak buat mcm mana :(

  2. haha, yes, the drama is too much. but still cute :) anyway, may i kno.. abah tu siapa? panggilan manja ke?

    1. Abah tu is my fiance. :) I refer to him as 'abah' in this blog coz it's supposed to be like im telling a story to my future children. :)

  3. it was nice, very nice :)


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