Saturday, April 7, 2012

Festival Pengantin Malaysia 2012

Today your Abah and I, together with my mum and his parents, went to the Festival Pengantin Malaysia at PWTC. Our goal was to discuss the menu with our caterers, Anjung Eksklusif Catering, and maybe do some food tasting. Your Abah is the forever early type, so he was there way earlier than me. My mum and I arrived around 10:45am we thought we were late when we got there, the event wasn't even open to public yet!

The organizers trying to calm people down

Your Abah getting restless

There was a huge crowd of people (including the vendors) who were impatiently waiting to get inside:

The crowd outside

Some of them have probably been waiting for hours.. there was a commotion at the front entrance too, some of the people were shouting at each other. The organizers were screaming "Sapa vendor yang belum habis bayar?!" over and over again... we later overheard that PWTC wouldn't let the organizers in as they haven't made full payment or something. Pretty badly organized, I must say.

Might as well camwhore with my
 Mr. GGMU while waiting :)

When everyone was finally allowed to go inside two hours later, we went straight to the caterer's booth. After discussing the menu (which I shall not disclose here... SAPRAIS!) we tried some of the food. It was lovely!

Some other pics around the event:

For such a huge event to be organized at such a huge and prestigious location, I personally think the organizers could have done a much better job. Oh well. We went for one purpose only anyway, and mission accomplished so I guess I can't complain. Came back with loads of brochures though:

But one thing your Abah and I decided after going for the expo, is that we want a videographer for the wedding. We want a video that would capture and immortalize the emotions and the joy of our special day, for us to keep forever and one day show to you kids. We surveyed some videographers at the expo tapi mak aiiiiiiiii mahal gila pls! :S

Takpe.. we have a few more months to go, hopefully we'll get one by then, Inshallah.

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