Monday, April 9, 2012

The "Darah Manis" period

Ok so since I got engaged people kept telling me I berdarah manis. The first thing that came to my mind was, "so now I have sweet tasting blood?" -_- . After googling it and reading from a few sources, I now understand what it truly means.

From my own interpretation, "darah manis" is a term used for people who are engaged to be married. It's like, the possibility of bad/unwanted things that can happen to the couple during the engagement period. Maksud yang lain, it means dugaan dan cabaran yang dihadapi oleh pasangan yang bertunang tersebut (kamus dewan sangat).

So time tu lah things like:
  • orang lain akan datang kacau, flirt lebih2
  • orang yang tau awak dah tunang but nak jugak ajak kawin (I experienced this firsthand  a couple of times now, Nauzubillah)
  • you start to get insecure about yourself and your fiancĂ© 
  • start gaduh pasal bende2 bodoh
  • getting cold feet

will happen. Which is why orang2 tua will tell you to stay away from your fiancĂ© and don't see/communicate with them before the wedding unless you absolutely have to.. coz you're promised to be wedded to each other anyway, Inshallah.

It's also why the old folks will tell you not to be engaged for too long. The longer you wait, the more things can happen. I concur. I ni yang baru seminggu bertunang rasa macam dah berzaman. -_- Actually sebelum tunang lagi orang dah start kacau bilau, apa lagi masa ni... Allah nak uji, I guess it's not easy to do something the halal way.

So during this darah manis period, you're expected to conduct yourself in the best manner possible. Don't ruin it, don't be impatient, don't give people something to talk about (this is a reminder to myself more than anything).

Pray to Allah, make lots of doa and leave it to Him. Just play the waiting game, and play it well.


  1. same here. dah start gaduh2 pasal benda bodoh. argghhh. tensen saje.

    cik jan singgah sini. :

    will follow u. follow me back k. hehe.

  2. agreed. yang paling tak tahan 'start gaduh pasal benda-benda bodoh'.stress sangat kenapa sensitif sangat bila dah bertunang nih huh.

    1. kan?? kitorang gaduh pasal bola pun boleh.. sigh. really shld stay away from him. hehe.

  3. kno what, since dah tunang ni...temperature selalu naik. like seriously, dulu tak pun!!

    1. So it should be "darah manis & panas" hahaha. Relax dear.. everything will go smoothly, if Allah permits it. :)

  4. just try to be cool.. and instighfar banyak-banyak, jangan cepat melenting.. inshaAllah every thing will be ok


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