Thursday, April 19, 2012

25 Easy Ways to Lose Weight, Part 1

TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. It's the one thing all of us have in common, especially when you're gonna get married. Time lepas tunang ni lah semua orang bertungkus lumus jaga body, pergi spa, diet, pergi gym, makan carrot untuk breakfast lunch & dinner, berhenti makan nasi. The goal? To look great for the wedding day, and of course to be in the best shape and look the best for their halal to-be spouses. 

Sometimes people forget, it's not just those few months sebelum kahwin that we should jaga body... actually what is really more important is to jaga body selepas kahwin, especially the ladies (disclaimer di sini: lelaki seharusnya look good for the wife jugak ok, she has to wake up next to you everyday too, so be fair, jangan bagi mata bini berdarah). Keep yourself fit and healthy and keep your weight at an optimum level because:-

First and foremost, because Islam wants us to be. Period. An unhealthy and unfit Muslim cannot perform his or her best in any aspect, plus we must always be an example to the world. Always.
You're doing it for yourself. No one else can do it for you, no one else owes it to you but yourself. You are your own biggest motivator. When you look great you feel great, and when you feel great Inshallah you'll be happier and the people around you (especially your husband, kids, parents) will be happy as well. Happiness is contagious!
As a wife your biggest responsibility is towards your husband. Refer here. This includes, looking good for him. Please him, and you please Allah. Kalau suami mati dalam keadaan redha terhadap isterinya, Inshallah isteri tersebut dijanjikan syurga.
Nanti dah dapat anak, ada tenaga untuk lari sana sini kejar anak yang melulu pusing2 Toys R Us. Dan juga ada tenaga untuk bende lain........ ye lah, seperti memasak dan jemur kain. Ok?

So what I'm gonna do here is, I'm gonna share with you guys 25 easy tips to control your calorie intake. The more calories you cut down on, the more weight you will lose Inshallah. Plus its healthy for you. 

DISCLAIMER: These tips aren't from me, they're from Kevin Zahri, have you heard of him? He's a Malaysian health and fitness celebrity. Google him, check him out. He's pretty hand-... erm, I mean, good. 

Ok lets start with the first five:


(to be continued!)


  1. see that's why i always choose the breast part of the chicken. The breast is ze best!!!!

  2. hahahahaa.

    ok, i pun dah kena start diet :)

  3. maws, u kenot stop now! i need to know more .. eventhough x tunang pun nak jaga badan .. i always do 2 , 3 , 4 and 5 ... some more some more

    1. hahaha khai ur so funny. :P wait for the next one lah! ;)


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