Sunday, April 1, 2012

15 kgs in 5 months!

Your Abah texted me:

Him: I nak bg u satu task ni

Me: Apa dia?

Him: I'm appointing u to not allow me to eat rice/fast food/carbonated drinks or apa2 yg sewaktu dengannya. Starting today.

His goal? He wants to lose 15kgs in 5 months. Before the wedding. Ingatkan April fool ke apa kan, coz it was the 1st of April. But that night he only had a yogurt drink for dinner. A drink k? Not even solid food!

Fuiish. I am so pressured... means that I pun kena kurus la kan? Takkan husband je hot pastu bini badan macam Shrek. Well... BRING IT ON.

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