Friday, March 2, 2012

Masjid Tengku Kelana Jaya Petra

Inshallah the reception on your Abah's side will be on the 22nd September 2012. He, his mum, Uncle Fiqi, Aunt Maryam and I went to go look at the Tengku Kelana Jaya Petra mosque and hopefully book the date. Pictures courtesy of your Uncle Fiqi:

Front of the mosque. Cantik sangat.
The reception area. Big, breezy, and the lighting is great too.
See the black cat sleeping on your grandma's lap? SO manja.
The entrance to the mosque.
The reception area, from another angle.

Alhamdulillah, they managed to book the date and paid the deposit. The booking comes with a V.I.P. room as well I think (just a room where the family can rest, change clothes, letak barang, etc) but we didn't get any pictures of the room unfortunately. But it was locked anyway.

I think your Abah still wants his Black & Gold theme. It would look great here. Hehe.. can't wait!

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