Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Renovation!

I guess even my Dad is feeling the heat of the upcoming engagement... 25 days to go, Mashallah! He's been renovating the front of the house, so far the whole length of the porch and the beams. Spot the before and after photos!

Other updates, yesterday my mum said that she called the canopy people over to house (without me knowing) and booked the canopy for the wedding (without consulting me). I guess I should be relieved that she cares to take over the wedding planning, since I'm too busy for anything but I also would appreciate if she would at least ask me first, what kind of canopy I like and what colors I want... 

I guess I can always still change the color once I have decided for sure. She said she booked the arabian canopy (apparently they cost RM300 each Astaghfirullah mahal gila ok) but I just kept quiet coz if she chose it then I won't say much. I know, I should be more grateful. Alhamdulillah, I am. I really am.


  1. wow.. ur parents are excited unlike mine :P

    1. maybe coz im the first to get married? haha. i dunno. its overwhelming sometimes.


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