Saturday, March 31, 2012

Engagement & Birthday, Part 1

The day was just... magical. I really have no other words to express it. :) Will let the pictures do the talking.



(to be continued!)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doorgift Teaser

Courtesy of Style-Weddings! Visit their website here

Doorgifts for the Engagement! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Random Fact #2

Cream Caramel

Your Abah can't eat "lembik food", as he puts it. Like cream caramel, youghurt, tau foo fah. He says it just can't go down this throat, dia geli or something. Gedik kan, your Abah?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Dream Honeymoon!!


Who cares about this:

Or this:

When there's this??!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tips on How To Be a Successful Muslim Husband

  1. Dress up for your wife, look clean and smell good. When was the last time you men went shopping for designer pajamas? Just like the husband wants his wife to look nice for him, she also wants her husband to dress up for her too. Remember that Rasulullah SAW would always start with Miswak  (brushing his teeth) when returning home and always loved the sweetest smells.

  2. Use the cutest names for your wife. Rasulullah SAW had nicknames for his wives, ones that they loved. Call your wife by the most beloved names to her, and avoid using names that hurt their feelings.

  3. Don’t treat her like a fly. We never think about a fly in our daily lives until it ‘bugs’ us. Similarly, a wife will do well all day - which brings no attention from the husband - until she does something to ‘bug’ him. Don’t treat her like this; recognize all the good that she does and focus on that.

  4. If you see wrong from your wife, try being silent and do not comment! This is one of the ways Rasulullah SAW used when he would see something inappropriate from his wives Radiallahu Anhunn. It is something that very few muslim men have learnt or practice with their wives.

  5. Smile at your wife whenever you see her and embrace her often. Smiling is sadaqah and your wife is not exempt from the muslim ummah. Imagine life with her constantly seeing you smiling. Remember also those hadith when Rasulullah SAW would kiss his wife before leaving for Salah, even if he was fasting.

  6. Thank her for all that she does for you. Then thank her again! Take for example a dinner at your house. She makes the food, cleans the home, and a dozen other tasks to prepare. And sometimes the only acknowledgement she receives is that there needed to be more salt in the soup. Don’t be that person; thank her!

  7. Ask her to write down the last ten things you did for her that made her happy. Then go and do them again. It may be hard to recognize what makes her happy. You don’t have to play a guessing game, ask her and work on repeating those things in your life.

  8. Don’t belittle her desires. Comfort her. Sometimes the men may look down upon the requests of their wives. Rasulullah SAW set the example for us in an incident when Safiyyah RA was crying because, as she said, he had put her on a slow camel. He wiped her tears, comforted her, and brought her the camel.

  9. Be humorous and play games with your wife. Make her laugh, have little ‘inside’ jokes and moments with her. Honestly your wifes laughter is one of the best sounds in life. Make her smile keep & her happy. Look at how Rasulullah SAW would race his wife Aisha RA in the desert. When was the last time you as a husband did something like that?

  10.  Always remember the words of Allah’s Messenger SAW: “The best of you are those who treat their families the best. And I am the best amongst you to my family.” Try to be the best!

Home Renovation pt 2.1

So as a continuation to the previous post where our kitchen is currently being renovated, it's now done, yay! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Home Renovation, part 2

I came home from work yesterday to find that the house was hit by a hurricane... hurricane Nora. Sigh. Your grandma really is going all-out on the renovations. The lights in the hall have also been changed into some modern-looking chandelier thingy, which I will take a picture of later.

The kitchen cabinets have been stripped off. No doors for now.

Everything has been moved onto the dining table!!

This cabinet, among others, is being painted a vanilla colour.

The mess from emptying the bedroom.
My "Theo! Blow Me a Kiss!" poster which I held during the
Arsenal Asia Tour 2011 has been thrown away :(

  I wonder what else has happened to the house today... will go home and find out.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kursus Kahwin

One of the many procedures we have to go through before getting married is to attend a kursus kahwin. It's a weekend-long course, where you hear various lectures on what to expect in a marriage, basic Islamic knowledge, how to manage stress and money, the relationship between a husband and wife, etc... so that at the end of the course, you'd get a certificate which verifies that you have attended the course. Then can proceed to kahwin, yay! 

Last weekend your Abah and I attended the kursus in Masjid At-Taqwa, Taman Tun Dr Ismail. It's a lovely mosque, very big and spacious, breezy and bustling with activities. The course lasted from 2pm - 7pm on Saturday and 8:30am - 4pm on Sunday. Food was provided, and we had breaks for solat jemaah Zuhur and Asar as well. We were given a file which contained a book on muslim marriage and a pen as well. Cost of the kursus was RM80.

Masjid At-Taqwa, TTDI

1st day, rajin benor study buku tu

2nd day, busy texting sape tu bang?!

The room where the kursus was conducted was quite comfortable. Carpeted, air-conditioned (sangat sejuk Mashallah) and clean.

Lecture room

The Ustazes and Ustazah who delivered the lectures were not the boring, monotonous type Alhamdulillah. They made it bearable for everyone and made their presentations really funny too, everyone was laughing most of the time. Especially your Abah. He's easily amused. :) 

Haha, caught you yawning, hun. ;)

Your Abah got excited coz he spotted Natasha Hudson in the crowd. I don't know who she is, but apparently she's an actress? Whatever. But she was one of the participants too and your Abah tweeted her and he was so excited that he got a reply. Hahaha.

I definitely recommend this particular kursus to anyone who needs to go for their kursus kahwin. It's informative and fun, plus the organizer Kak Ana is really nice and friendly too. More information on the course and how to sign up for it can be found at their website here.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

How To Be a Successful Muslim Wife

Some tips I compiled from various sources, I thought I'd share this with all you wives/wives-to-be out there.

  1. Make Dua to Allah to make your marriage and relationship successful.
    All good things are from Allah. Never forget to ask Allah ta’ala for the blessing of having a successful marriage that begins in this Dunya and continues on - by the Mercy of Allah ta’ala - into Jannah. Always ask Allah for forgiveness and blessings on your marriage.

  2. Listen and obey, he is your key to Jannah.
    Obeying your husband is Fardhu Ain! Your husband is the Ameer (commander, ruler) of the household. Give him that right and respect. Be the best wife you can be. Being a good Muslim wife is in many ways similar to being a good wife in other religions. Sure it has its own special features and requirements, just like any other religion. However, there are common basic methods and guidelines for being a good wife in general. Follow them. Always seek to please your husband, for he is your key to Jannah. Rasul Allah - sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam - taught us that any women who dies in a state where her husband is pleased with her, shall enter Jannah.

  3. An argument is a fire in the house.
    Extinguish it with a simple ‘I’m sorry’ even if it is not your fault. When you fight back, you are only adding wood to the fire. Watch how sweetly an argument will end when you just say sincerely, “Look, I’m sorry. Let’s get back to being best friends.” Pick your battles. Nagging and nitpicking can destroy a relationship. As long as the dishes are clean and unbroken, for instance, don't nag about how to load the dishwasher "the right way". Let him do things his own way. Don't sweat the small stuff. Focus on what is important.

  4. Thank your husband constantly for the nice things he does.
    Then thank him again. This is one of the most important techniques, as the opposite is a characteristic of the women of hellfire.

  5. Joke and play games with your husband.
    A mans secret: they seek women who are light-hearted and have a sense of humor. As Rasul Allah - sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam - told Jabir to marry someone who would make him laugh and he would make her laugh.

  6. Be confident about yourself!
    Be secure in yourself. Putting yourself down in front of him is another way of insulting his taste in women. If he is with you, it's because he wants to be. He will find you sexy even if you don't feel like it, if you act the part. Remember that attitude and willingness are large parts of being sexy. Poor self-esteem and a "void" in your life is terrible for marriage. Make sure you still have a fun and interesting life. If your husband left tomorrow, would you still have girlfriends you see at least once a month, hobby clubs you go to, sports you play? If not, your husband will always be working to fill a void he can't, and will feel inadequate and unhappy.

  7. Understand and respect your husband's rights.
    Study authentic hadith and make sure that you understand your obligations as a wife as well as understand your rights. In Islam, a good wife is expected to be honest, sincere and congnizant of her husband's needs. At the same time her husband must respect her, fulfill her needs and even help her in household chores. 

  8. When your husband comes home, greet him with a wonderful greeting.
    Imagine your husband coming home to a clean house, an exquisitely dressed wife, a dinner prepared with care, children clean and sweet smelling, a clean bedroom - what would this do to his love for you? Now imagine what the opposite does to him.

  9. Use your ‘beauty’ to win the heart of your husband.
    All women have the ornaments that Allah blessed them with. Use the beauty Allah - Azza wa Jal - has bestowed you with to win the heart of your husband.

  10. Express, don't accuse.
    Except in the rare event that your husband happens to be psychic, don't expect mind-reading powers. If you want something, ask. If something is wrong, say so. Don't drop hints or figure he'll "come around". Communicate calmly, clearly and directly. Relationships work best when each partner calmly express their current emotion without harping on what he has done. Frequently, a "I feel attacked" or "I feel sad" is all it takes for him to step back and ask, "Why?" Then simply say, "When you slammed the door, I felt ignored." Let "I feel" be your guide.

  11. Don't expect the moon.
    He needs to keep trying, you need to keep trying, but neither of you is perfect. Unmet expectations tend to frustrate everyone. However, if you both keep working on your marriage, you will always be covered, even when one of you comes up a little short. If your expectations are truly too high or unrealistic, then set standards that are obtainable. For example, it is unfair to expect to be lavished with possessions and have the love of your life home for every meal. Should you want more together time, be prepared to have that desire fulfilled at some expense. Accept him. Only by accepting him as he is, do you have such deep respect and gratitude for him that you would never want him to change in any way for you. He has so much to offer you if only you give him the space to be himself. He is a growing individual, just like you are. Help him grow in the direction that he chooses, and give him the chance to help you.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Renovation!

I guess even my Dad is feeling the heat of the upcoming engagement... 25 days to go, Mashallah! He's been renovating the front of the house, so far the whole length of the porch and the beams. Spot the before and after photos!

Other updates, yesterday my mum said that she called the canopy people over to house (without me knowing) and booked the canopy for the wedding (without consulting me). I guess I should be relieved that she cares to take over the wedding planning, since I'm too busy for anything but I also would appreciate if she would at least ask me first, what kind of canopy I like and what colors I want... 

I guess I can always still change the color once I have decided for sure. She said she booked the arabian canopy (apparently they cost RM300 each Astaghfirullah mahal gila ok) but I just kept quiet coz if she chose it then I won't say much. I know, I should be more grateful. Alhamdulillah, I am. I really am.

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