Monday, January 23, 2012

Page 15 of 366

That Sunday was one of the most nerve-wrecking days of my life so far.

I know my parents were equally as nervous, but they kept their cool. I was a lipas kudung that morning, running around cleaning up the house, going put to buy last minute things and even baked up a batch of apple crumble.

Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream

I knew I had to work fast, because your Abah is one of the most punctual people I know. If he says he'll be there at 3.00, it means he'll be there by 2:40. Which was exactly the time he and his family arrived.

His family and I made small talk for a bit before my mother said to me, "Why dont you show them around?" and she pointed to your Abah and Uncle Fiqi. I guess that was my queue to get lost.

So I gave your Abah and Uncle Fiqi a tour of the house and the land. Brought them to the back, where the fruit trees were and where the chicken coop was. It was then that I found out that your Abah is scared of geese! Hehehe it was so funny. He wouldn't walk beyond the gate so I had to chase the poor goose away.

This is an angsa. In case kids of your generation tak kenal.

When we got back into the house, my family and his sat down for tea. I was so happy to see that our parents got along so well, I was so very nervous about this because I would hate if my parents didn't like his or vice-versa. But Alhamdulillah everyone loved each other and even my grandma got along so well with his mum. 

We let the parents continue talking while you Uncle Adam and Uncle Fiqi challenged each other to a Fifa match... which Uncle Adam lost bady, hahaha... mula-mula confident kan, keluar-keluar bilik je cakap "So... which one of you wants to lose first?" tengok-tengok kalah teruk buat malu je.

When it was time to go back, while they were at the front door putting on their shoes it was then that they told me that they had a date for the engagement. 

"See you on the 31st of March," his mum said. 

"What's going on on the 31st of March?" I asked.

"Your tunang." said my mum.

Shocked and speechless, my eyes flew wide open. I didn't know about this, I wasn't part of the talk, nor did they ask me about it... but I was pleasantly surprised, and sincerely happy Alhamdulillah

Page 15 of 366, was the page where he stepped in and saved my life. :)

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