Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Honeymoon planning

Pure bliss.

I was talking to a friend today when suddenly she approached the subject of going on honeymoon. She said she booked her honeymoon one year in advance, as soon as she knew she was getting engaged. One year okay! I must have paused in the conversation which made her ask me, "You've 7 months to go... I'm sure you're sorted yours out kan? Where are you going?"


I haven't even thought of it, to be honest. Like I said I'm the worst bride-to-be ever. I really must make a list of things I need to plan and do! To wait until after the engagement would be too late, if not pun very last minute. Flights and hotel rates would be more expensive and most places would be booked. I must be more organized, I must...

It's a good thing my boss isn't in the office today, because I literally spent the whole entire day googling honeymoon spots and flights and rates and Ya Allah it's all so overwhelming where do I start?! I need a budget, I need a concrete date, I need to figure where exactly.

While I was googling I found this article on "Where To Start With Honeymoon Planning" and it made me calm down a little, cause I work better when there are numbered instructions for me to follow.

I must sit down with your Abah and talk to him about this soon, and will update my progress.

p/s: I'm really excited. :)

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