Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wedding Expo & Nando's

Today your Abah, grandma, aunt Maryam, uncle Fiqi and I went to a wedding exhibition at SACC Convention Centre in Shah Alam. Although we didn't hire any vendors or anything, I definitely got a lot of ideas! :) Your very creative aunt Maryam says she can do them all herself from scratch, so... we'll see how it turns out.

So after collecting thousands of brochures and pamphlets, we went to Nando's for lunch:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Fact #1

Best. Fries. Ever! But I won't teach you kids to eat this, na'ah!

I found out a new fact about your Abah today. He loves soggy fries. -__-

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Honeymoon planning

Pure bliss.

I was talking to a friend today when suddenly she approached the subject of going on honeymoon. She said she booked her honeymoon one year in advance, as soon as she knew she was getting engaged. One year okay! I must have paused in the conversation which made her ask me, "You've 7 months to go... I'm sure you're sorted yours out kan? Where are you going?"


I haven't even thought of it, to be honest. Like I said I'm the worst bride-to-be ever. I really must make a list of things I need to plan and do! To wait until after the engagement would be too late, if not pun very last minute. Flights and hotel rates would be more expensive and most places would be booked. I must be more organized, I must...

It's a good thing my boss isn't in the office today, because I literally spent the whole entire day googling honeymoon spots and flights and rates and Ya Allah it's all so overwhelming where do I start?! I need a budget, I need a concrete date, I need to figure where exactly.

While I was googling I found this article on "Where To Start With Honeymoon Planning" and it made me calm down a little, cause I work better when there are numbered instructions for me to follow.

I must sit down with your Abah and talk to him about this soon, and will update my progress.

p/s: I'm really excited. :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The best things in life is when you least expect them

His & Hers :)

Thank you sweetheart.  <3

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Engagement invitation

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lost handbag and sushi

Today I did something really careless and silly. I left my handbag in the court cafeteria.

Let me just say though, that I have never ever done this. I have never ever left my handbag behind anywhere. I guess there is first time for everything.

Anyway, I was driving back from court after sending your Abah to the mosque (which is right across the road from the Court but its a long and hilly walk, especially in the hot sun) when I realized that my handbag wasn't where it normally is, which is next to my seat on the handbrake. I stopped my car to check in the boot, in case I had mistakenly put it in there.. but it wasn't there.

I quickly called your Abah and begged him to help me get my handbag back. So he, being the sweet angel that he is, walked/ran all the way back to the court and to the cafeteria to retrieve my handbag. The cleaners had gotten it first and they weren't convinced to hand over the bag to your Abah but he proved that it's my bag by showing them my name card.

Kesian dia, he had to carry around a woman's handbag for most of the day. So sorry dear!

Your Abah joined your grandparents, Auntie Ngah and I for dinner at Sakae Sushi that night. He doesn't like sushi, nor is he a big fan of Japanese food, but he joined is anyway, coz it would be his first time meeting Auntie Ngah.

He was nervous as well though, having to meet mak and abah again and this time all by himself. Hehe.. but dinner went really well Alhamdulillah, and everyone got to know each other better.

Paper Latern inspirations

I went out with your Auntie Ngah today. She just came back from New York but leaving again for Yogyakarta tomorrrow. :(

Anyway. We went to Ikea, because she was craving meatballs (she craves alot of food actually). Then while we were walking around, we came across these paper lanterns:

Paper lanterns from Ikea

They cost RM9.90 each. I straight away bought 10 first, just to test them out. I'm thinking of hanging them from the trees during the wedding reception.. should be pretty! I'm thinking something along the lines of this:

I'm probably gonna need more though huh? I'll have to make another trip to Ikea one of these days...

Then from Ikea, we went into a shop called Daiso in the Curve, they sell japanese made stuff (random things, everything from underwear to umbrellas to kitchen to utensils) and everything cost RM5 each.

We saw that the shops sell the exact paper lanterns too and I was all worked up coz they would cost RM5, so I could get 20 instead of 10 for the price I paid for so I was already planning to go return the ones I had already bought in Ikea.

Upon closer inspection tho, the Daiso paper lanterns had "Victory" printed on it. -_-

So... I realized I rather pay double to have plain ones.

I also want to this on the lanterns:

Paper mache butterflies on white paper lanterns

So pretty kan?? :D I just pray it doesn't rain on the day...

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