Monday, January 23, 2012

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That Sunday was one of the most nerve-wrecking days of my life so far.

I know my parents were equally as nervous, but they kept their cool. I was a lipas kudung that morning, running around cleaning up the house, going put to buy last minute things and even baked up a batch of apple crumble.

Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream

I knew I had to work fast, because your Abah is one of the most punctual people I know. If he says he'll be there at 3.00, it means he'll be there by 2:40. Which was exactly the time he and his family arrived.

His family and I made small talk for a bit before my mother said to me, "Why dont you show them around?" and she pointed to your Abah and Uncle Fiqi. I guess that was my queue to get lost.

So I gave your Abah and Uncle Fiqi a tour of the house and the land. Brought them to the back, where the fruit trees were and where the chicken coop was. It was then that I found out that your Abah is scared of geese! Hehehe it was so funny. He wouldn't walk beyond the gate so I had to chase the poor goose away.

This is an angsa. In case kids of your generation tak kenal.

When we got back into the house, my family and his sat down for tea. I was so happy to see that our parents got along so well, I was so very nervous about this because I would hate if my parents didn't like his or vice-versa. But Alhamdulillah everyone loved each other and even my grandma got along so well with his mum. 

We let the parents continue talking while you Uncle Adam and Uncle Fiqi challenged each other to a Fifa match... which Uncle Adam lost bady, hahaha... mula-mula confident kan, keluar-keluar bilik je cakap "So... which one of you wants to lose first?" tengok-tengok kalah teruk buat malu je.

When it was time to go back, while they were at the front door putting on their shoes it was then that they told me that they had a date for the engagement. 

"See you on the 31st of March," his mum said. 

"What's going on on the 31st of March?" I asked.

"Your tunang." said my mum.

Shocked and speechless, my eyes flew wide open. I didn't know about this, I wasn't part of the talk, nor did they ask me about it... but I was pleasantly surprised, and sincerely happy Alhamdulillah

Page 15 of 366, was the page where he stepped in and saved my life. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How It Began

The question which I had always asked my parents when I was younger, which I'm sure you will also ask your Abah and I, is "How did you guys meet?".

Well it's not a romantic love story or anything, but the puzzles just kinda fell together on their own, like a ghostly jigsaw. Long story put short, your Abah had just broken up with a girl who he later found out had cheated on him. He was broken, devastated, lost... and for some reason, probably by Allah's plan, your Abah turned to me when he needed support and someone to talk to.

But before that, I knew your Abah because both him and I were doing our chambering at the same time. I rememer the first time I met him, my friend Hafidah, who was in the same firm as him and also doing her chambering, introduced me to him.

My first impression of him was something like "He's got such a pleasant face.. babyface, but pleasant." Like the type of person anyone can instantly warm up to. I remember thinking he was a shy person as well. Like you would have to be more than just a mere acquaintance for him to open up to. So after that we met at court, or at seminars and talks organized by the Bar Council. Became friends on Facebook. Then Twitter. Just friends, nothing more. Just another fellow lawyer to be.

Basically I became his "break-up buddy". He borrowed this book from his friend on how to survive a break-up or something like that. One of the steps was to get a break-up buddy who is someone who would lend you an ear when you needed to talk about it. He would never admit that it was what he considered me to be at that time, but its okay. I totally got it.

Slowly we started to get to know each other. They say that to know who a person really is, you have to know them when they're at their most vulnerable state. And even at his most vulnerable state, your Abah was amazing. He started becoming closer to God, always worrying about praying on time, doing more than just the regular compulsory solat. I guess that was what attracted me to him most.. his dedication in wanting to find Allah.

Then on the 5th of January 2012, his mum BBM-ed me. She said, Alhamdulillah that Allah has answered her prayers, because your Abah has asked her to meet my parents. I was so shocked, that I had to sit down. Thankfully my chair was behind me. I didn't believe he would ask her that, because in my mind I always thought he was still struggling to forget his ex. I kept asking myself, what if I'm just a rebound? What if he's only doing this as a distraction from his heartbreak? What if we do this halfway and he calls it off? What if I do pursue this, and there's no turning back? So very many questions haunted me, I could only turn to Allah for strength.

So after relaying the news to my mum and dad, it was decided. Your Abah, together with his parents and your Uncle Fiqi, were going to come over to my house the Sunday after that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's a lazy Thursday afternoon in the office. I actually have a ton of work to finish, but my heart wasn't into it. You should know that I'm the kind of person who only does something when I really want to, I can't be forced into anything. Well, most of the time anyway.

So to kill time (and between making sure my boss wasn't peeking over my cubicle to see what I was up to), I went browsing through wedding blogs. I have never done this before, and I don't know what made me do it today, but there I was. Googling for wedding blogs.

I came across this blog... the author documented every single wedding preparation, and up to now she's pregnant with a baby, and she's still documenting every sweet moment her new husband and her share together, their excitement about the coming baby, their experiences as newlyweds...

It was then I was inspired to start this blog. If everything goes well this Sunday*, Inshallah, which will lead up to bigger and better events, Inshallah... I want my kids to know how it happened exactly. Every detail, every moment, every emotion I'm feeling.

For now this blog will remain private, with only me and me alone who will be able to read and access it (kinda sad really.. haha.. but I'm praying it will serve its purpose one day), until the time comes when your Abah and I are confirmed to be married to each other. :)

So that one day, you will know the story of How I Met Your Abah**.


*Your Abah's parents and my parents are going to meet for the first time this Sunday (15.01.2012), Inshallah.

**The title of this blog is inspired by a sitcom called How I Met Your Mother, where the narrator tells the story to his children about how he met their mum. I don't watch this show, but your Abah loves it. :)

How I Met Your Mother tv series

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